With vintage hat in hand, ready for Eastern & Oriental Express

I’m packing even as we speak for my Asian adventure.

First things first: rounding up the necessary electrical adapters.

Hey, that might not be first on your list, but when faced with the prospect of not having the right plug for your laptop or phone charger, you start paying attention to the geeky stuff.

I found this, among many pages on the Web that deal with the topic. Hurts my head. And WTH is a female earth connector?

Actually a very good site that helped me pack.

I’m also hoping against hope that I can remain cool and collected, like a deodorant commercial, and I don’t end up drowning in my pretty duds.

Because, turns out, where I’m going in Southeast Asia is practically parked on the Equator. Even in October, Singapore is like a Turkish bath. (It’s pretty much that way all year ’round.) With temps  hovering around 90 in the daytime. And 100 percent humidity. About the same in Thailand and Vietnam.

I remember that from the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. Where I was more dry in, than out of, the shower .

Ugh. I can just anticipate the sublime feel of that Spanx panty house when it comes time to dressing up.

Putting that lovely image side, I am excited about  scoring a sweet vintage pillbox hat for my Eastern & Oriental Express train trip . With tiny built-in combs to keep it in place. And a veil. Just looking at it takes me back to even before my time, thank you very much. Wanted you to see the inside of the hat. The outside comes later.

See ya down the road.

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