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Journey to a part of JFK’s past: Vietnam

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is bringing me back to a piece of his past — and mine. The Vietnam War. Granted, Vietnam was not nearly Kennedy’s war as much as it was those … Continue reading

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Why travel, when the same food’s better at home?

A while back, I announced I was going to be conducting a taste test of one of my favorite comfort foods: pho. That great Vietnamese soup just like my dearly departed Jewish grandma used to make. Well, not quite. But … Continue reading

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Vietnam: Reopening old wounds

At the Vietnam War museum in Ho Chi Minh City, still also known as Saigon (as it was when the city was under the U.S.-backed government that was later overthrown almost 40 years ago). This time, the conflict I so … Continue reading

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With vintage hat in hand, ready for Eastern & Oriental Express

I’m packing even as we speak for my Asian adventure. First things first: rounding up the necessary electrical adapters. Hey, that might not be first on your list, but when faced with the prospect of not having the right plug … Continue reading

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Gearing up for my Great Noodle Soup Taste Test in Vietnam

No, I’m not talking about my Bubbie’s matzo ball and noodle soup. But there’s another soup I’ve come to adore that’s almost as good: Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. It’s a big bowl of steaming rice noodle soup with whatever you’d … Continue reading

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Shrimp goes after the marlin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Taking some time to work on a project. Meanwhile, here’s a revised version of my adventures in Cabo San Lucas, when this shrimp decided to go marlin fishing years ago. First published in The Denver Post. Not a lot of … Continue reading

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