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Double your pleasure this Hanukkah

Remember the ads for the KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich? You know, the one where the bread’s been replaced by fried chicken? Or the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine on 30 Rock, where meat was the new bread? This Hanuakkah, latkes … Continue reading

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Travel trends: Taking Air Hobbit to Middle-earth

Have you seen the latest billboard for the new Peter Jackson movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? It’s on an airplane. Air New Zealand has decked out one of its jets with a giant decal inspired by the movie. It’ll … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: Them’s some fur-rocious K9s

Such fur-rosity. The laughs are courtesy of a former TV colleague and all-around good guy who writes from Fort Wayne, IN: “In Fort Wayne … Feeling well protected by the fearsome police k9’s.” This acquaintance is on the road a … Continue reading

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Titanic II? Book it, Danno

Two things you can do if money is no object. One, start your OWN network. Or get into the cruise-ship industry with a big splash: With your new toy, the Titanic II. Yep, an Aussie billionaire is working on that … Continue reading

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Barnabas Collins is dead! Long live Barnabas Collins!

Dick Clark, Levon Helm, and now… Jonathan Frid. Who? Long before Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, White Fang (sorry, just had to slip Soupy Sales in there), there was a 1960s TV show called Dark Shadows. You might … Continue reading

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Why I did my Valentine’s Day shopping in Pawnee

This Valentine’s Day, no Victoria’s Secret, Pandora or PajamaGram for me. And I’ve done the Hershey spa thang.  Nothing like a whipped cocoa bath — sort of like soaking in a steaming cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. With bowls of … Continue reading

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‘Homeland’ finale bombs

I fully intended to write about my visit to the Berlin Wall, but just had to put it aside and vent about the season finale of Homeland. Surprise, surprise. What would you expect from a rabid fan? I have mixed … Continue reading

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Not hard to curb my enthusiasm for Cheryl Hines

Lest you think I have a thing against blondes, I don’t. I have a thing against bad acting, and even worse, bad improv. That’s why I’m adding Cheryl Hines to my list of entertainers I just don’t get. Either she … Continue reading

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Rating Tony Soprano’s last meal

I’m sure someone somewhere is still arguing over whether Tony Soprano was offed in the final moments of The Sopranos. (Of course he was.) But of more importance, how were those onion rings anyway?  My review of the landmark where … Continue reading

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RTW, LA: Deja vu with a view — the backstory

They say you can’t go home again, but you can certainly try. And have fun doing it. My desire to live in Los Angeles  began when I was in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This was almost a quarter … Continue reading

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