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MLB: Go for the history, stay for the ballgame

Nice to see the New York Mets clinch the NL East title. As a longtime (as in the days of a certain guy named McGraw, and I don’t mean Tim; and even way before that), Amazins fan, we never take that … Continue reading

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How just one visit to New Orleans made a Saints’ fan out of me

So there we were, Mitch and I, tootling down the street in New Orleans, basking in the steamy December weather (compared to what we were used to!) when we were surrounded. Or should I say outnumbered. By creatures all sporting … Continue reading

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Beginner golf for those who are clueless

Is your knowledge of golf basically Tiger Woods’ love life? Do you like the look of the duds, but have no earthly idea what to do when you get on the course, other than to stand there? Or maybe you tried … Continue reading

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Back behind the wheel, this time in an ATV

Once upon a time, my dear, departed dad was attempting to teach my dear, departed mom how to drive. It started out fine, until they got to a bridge that barely qualified to be called a bridge that spanned a … Continue reading

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Kayaking: Quitting while I’m still upright

Until recently, the only kayak I’d ever had firsthand experience with was the travel site. Always wanted to try it but opportunity never presented itself until hitting Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Beautiful, spring-fed lake that looked like water, as opposed to … Continue reading

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Uh-oh, Other Danica Patrick’s at it again …

That’s moi, No. 35, (AKA The Other Danica Patrick — in case you were having trouble telling us apart) holding up traffic per usual, at Road America. For those of you not in the know like me, RA is a … Continue reading

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Penn State: The Movie

In case you think I’m being insensitive about the horrifying allegations enveloping Penn State, I’m not. I’m being realistic. With a partner who graduated from what’s now the university’s law school, I’m even more saddened. Especially because an otherwise decent … Continue reading

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No greater high than climbing a glacier in New Zealand …

… unless it’s going on a spaceship somewhere. Haven’t done that yet, but wouldn’t mind … Even though this particular adventure was more than 20 years ago, it ranks right up there in terms of physical achievement. At least for … Continue reading

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Shrimp goes after the marlin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Taking some time to work on a project. Meanwhile, here’s a revised version of my adventures in Cabo San Lucas, when this shrimp decided to go marlin fishing years ago. First published in The Denver Post. Not a lot of … Continue reading

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Getting my game on for football season

If you’re like me, you have the same feeling of dread the start of every October.  Baseball playoffs signify the end of summer, really and truly. Time to get the ice scraper ready, and gird yourself for  months and months … Continue reading

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