Finds: Ummm, best cheesecake evah!

So there I was, trying to stick to my Biggest Loser Resort plan — uh-huh  — when I stumbled onto …


Believe it or not, this junk food junkie doesn’t really care for cheesecake. Too heavy and greasy, even for me. Like eating a sweet brick, IMO.

But this sexy shop lured me in. This shop with sensual lettering on the windows, spelling chocolate in many languages. Once I went through the door, I was transported from Pennsyltucky to Provence; the country French setting dotted with adorable chocolates, teas, French butter cookies.

I was in the mood for a little something. A homemade cheesecake sign caught my eye. No biggie.

But then I saw it came with sides of either lemon curd or sea salt caramel. I faltered. Then, when told the cheesecake had a sponge cake bottom, I caved. (I’m a victim, really.)

So fluffy and dreamy. As comforting as a favorite quilt or feety-guy PJs. The yellow cake — my favorite — combined with the delicate cheese and lemon. The rush of sweet and tart had me swooning.

So imagine my surprise when I was told the recipe was one based on Junior’s famous cheesecake, from Brooklyn. That’s right. This Nu Yawka had never had Junior’s because, as I said, I never cared about cheesecake, famous or not.

I had to go to Amish Country to finally find out about Junior’s cheesecake. How about that?

Looks like a lotta work, but here’s the recipe. The lemon curd isn’t homemade, but it’s still fab.

While you’re at it, make one for me too, wouldja? On second thought


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