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Eastern & Oriental Express: It’s a tough life

Last I mentioned the Eastern & Oriental Express, I was just about to board the train. And worried that my darling little pillbox hat would be on the ground in a crumpled heap before I ever made it to my … Continue reading

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Bangkok: But boss, I want to stay on de train

It’s over. My magic carpet ride, so to speak, on the Eastern & Oriental Express train. Started in Singapore, ended in Bangkok. Three days and two nights. (Are you keeping score? Because I’m losing track.) Bangkok is where I’m at … Continue reading

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Finds: Ummm, best cheesecake evah!

So there I was, trying to stick to my Biggest Loser Resort plan — uh-huh  — when I stumbled onto … THIS. Believe it or not, this junk food junkie doesn’t really care for cheesecake. Too heavy and greasy, even … Continue reading

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Gourmet cupcakes from an ATM? Sweet …

When I was growing up at the Joisey Shore, there was a guy I looked forward to seeing every week: The Dugan’s Man. He didn’t whisper sweet nothings in my ear. He left sweet somethings for me to savor. And … Continue reading

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‘The Help’ missing a key ingredient

With Oscar just around the corner, I decided to see another Best Picture nominee I hadn’t gotten to: The Help. Besides, I’d heard about the chocolate pie that was central to the story, and I wanted an excuse to bake … Continue reading

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