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Eats: Philly, home of one of world’s best desserts

You’ve just gotta trust me on this. Because I know dessert. Especially the frozen kind. I’ve been taste-testing ice cream and sorbet ever since I was old enough to buy something from the Good Humor man. I’ve had encounters with Ben … Continue reading

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Schlepping 3,000 miles for a banana leaf and burned rice

Who would fly 3,000 miles for dinner?  With a drink that tastes like burned rice? And a dressed-up banana leaf for dessert? I would. And did a while back. It’s what they eat in Madagascar, that island nation off Africa, better known as … Continue reading

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Eats: What you’ve just gotta try if you’re in Pittsburgh area

It’s a combo you may not find anywhere else. A mountain of fries, coleslaw and whatever else you want piled between two slabs of Italian bread. It’s what made a Pittsburgh eatery known as Primanti Bros famous. Everyone in Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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Eats: What do you serve a pope? Menus included

Of all the Pope Francis stories, this one (and the one about all the souvenir schlock) caught my eye. No surprise; food involved. With pretty straightforward menus even the flock can prepare, if you care to do some digging for the … Continue reading

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12 reasons to love Seattle (besides the Seahawks)

Think Seattle and you think: Seahawks. Space Needle. Microsoft. Awful weather. Done. That’s what I thought. Then I discovered the Pacific Northwest’s “Emerald City” has loads of sparkle. Just back from visiting and entertaining the idea of buying a little … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: A Very Dachshund Thanksgiving

Wanted to take time on this Sunday before Turkey Day to stop with my Asia escapades for the moment and talk what I think are some cool Thanksgiving dishes. (Read on, vegetarians; there’s one for you.) Sending it out now … Continue reading

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Eastern & Oriental Express: It’s a tough life

Last I mentioned the Eastern & Oriental Express, I was just about to board the train. And worried that my darling little pillbox hat would be on the ground in a crumpled heap before I ever made it to my … Continue reading

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Bangkok: But boss, I want to stay on de train

It’s over. My magic carpet ride, so to speak, on the Eastern & Oriental Express train. Started in Singapore, ended in Bangkok. Three days and two nights. (Are you keeping score? Because I’m losing track.) Bangkok is where I’m at … Continue reading

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Gearing up for my Great Noodle Soup Taste Test in Vietnam

No, I’m not talking about my Bubbie’s matzo ball and noodle soup. But there’s another soup I’ve come to adore that’s almost as good: Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. It’s a big bowl of steaming rice noodle soup with whatever you’d … Continue reading

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Food: The (rare) day chocolate let me down

So there I was, in between flights in Chicago recently. Tired, hungry, scouting for food. Then this goodie winked at me. Said: So what if I’m the last thing you should be having for brunch? So what if I cost … Continue reading

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