If Jennifer Hudson can lick that weight problem, so can I

Dozens of posts ago, I announced my big quest to lose the research weight I put on during my RTW trip. Thought since I announced it publicly, I had no choice but to do it.

After a determined start, I, ahem, gained, rather than lost a few.

Since there’s no big demand for a show called Fat Journalist, a la Kirstie Alley (I know she lost it all again and looks fab), I considered Weight Watchers. I always liked the idea, but not the meetings. I also was turned off by their packaged ersatz food. If I craved brownies or lasagna, I’d rather be eating the real thing than their plastic version of it. That’s just me.

But WW changed Jennifer Hudson’s life, along with someone I knew who looked like a barrel with feet. After I found out he lost 110 pounds, I joined online.

Three weeks later, I’ve lost 5 pounds, which is right on target. I like it. Logging in my food and activity intake appeals to me. I already knew how to eat right, so I’ve become accountable (actually too subservient, but that’s OK) to my computer. The program’s famous points system keeps me in line while I do my own food thang.

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t turned into a Weight Watchers groupie. Let’s just say it’s working so far; and it would be nice if it helped me return to the shape I was in before the trip.

BTW, here’s a concoction I made up long before all this, when I tried being good on my own. It’s two, two, two chocolates in one: orange chocolate, a combo I’ve always loved; and a Hershey’s chocolate-almond bar.

Good-For-You (or so I’ve read),  Satisfying Snack

Put 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (must be unsweetened; Hershey’s is fine) into a bowl. (I limit myself to this amount.)

Add enough juice from an orange to make a frosting consistency. Too runny ruins it.

Add a couple of raw almonds.

Mix well.

Sorry about the presentation. This ain’t the Food Network. It may not be glamorous enough for the Barefoot Contessa, but this chick in socks likes it just fine. It’s creamy and rich and totally satisfying. The orange juice sweetens the cocoa powder just right.

Any unsweetened cocoa powder will do. It’s also my understanding that you should stick to the unprocessed stuff because it supposedly has more antioxidants in it.

So between the cocoa, the nutrients in the orange juice, the leftover orange and the almonds; not a bad little snack, IMO. And I don’t get any flak from Weight Watchers when I plug it into the computer. Woo-hoo!

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