Eats: Memorable Easter Dinner in Brussels

brussels soleil afrique crowd

Just back from a memorable Easter dinner in the Matonge (African) section of Brussels, a few blocks from where I’m staying. Place was absolutely packed. I was parked near a family with a child who insisted on putting her toy in my rice.

brussels me in african restaurant

I see Au Soleil d’Afrique got mixed reviews. I adored my chicken and rice dish, which was flavored with lemon and citrus and had a a bit of a kick. Maybe I loved it because it wasn’t chocolate. (I’m already sick of the stuff.)

brussels viagra africain

The chicken wasn’t the only thing on the menu with a kick. I asked the swamped server what constitutes a Viagra Africain. The only word she said in French that I could make out was rhum.

Speaking of which, I feel drunk after a long but rewarding day that had me haggling at a flea market a little over an hour after I got here from the U.S.and never stopped until now.

Happy Easter from Belgium.

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