Big challenge: Tons of chocolate without big weight gain

My quest to lose a few pounds before I headed for Belgium and some heavy-duty chocolate taste-testing didn’t go very well. I blame it on all Easter and Passover goodies floating around. I’m a victim, really.

So as I head off into the land of chocolate, frites and waffles, my goal is to not gain 10 pounds on top of the 10 I already need to lose.

I went to the gym today, and started off with a good old American tuna fish sandwich.

Trying not to put undo pressure on myself. The goal is to enjoy, but not overdo it this time. I will be sampling. And doing my usual walking everywhere.

Honestly, I think the big secret to traveling and watching weight is to do the best you can. And not to beat yourself up beyond that.

Sounds like a plan. Cya in Brussels.


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