Vietnam: Reopening old wounds

At the Vietnam War museum in Ho Chi Minh City, still also known as Saigon (as it was when the city was under the U.S.-backed government that was later overthrown almost 40 years ago).

This time, the conflict I so vividly remembered from my teenage years was told from the Vietnamese point of view. Even more of an eye-opener, to say the least.

This, and everything else from an unforgettable trip — a trip you could also take, at least in part  — when I return home. Will be in transit for the next couple of days.

I know I’ve been promising a lot more detail every day, but it’s been crazed. I at least wanted you to see where I spent part of today, because it was really emotional.

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1 Response to Vietnam: Reopening old wounds

  1. Barry says:

    Hope you didn’t speak there, they absolutely hate the yanks. Vietnam is such a wonderful country isn’t it, so friendly and exceptionally good food. The French influence is noticeable, happy travels home bazza

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