About time: Airlines confronting those loony bins

We’ve all been there. Seems like almost every time we fly these days.

You have your trusty carry-on bag. You’re feeling smug because you bought it knowing it’s gonna fit just fine in the overhead bin.

Then, wham. By the time you board no more space in the bin right above your seat or directly across from it. So you’ve got to deposit it wherever there’s a bin that’s not overflowing.

After you’ve landed, you’re a brawl waiting to happen because you somehow have to get past the stampede to rescue your bag.

It’s like making your way through a crowded theater after someone’s yelled “Fire!”

(Especially if it’s a very long flight or has landed in the Nu Yawk area, in which case there’s an even-greater chance of being steamrolled. Hey, I’m from there; I know. )

It’s either crawl between everyone’s legs or wait until they’ve vanished.  Just. Plane. Nuts.

This situation was inevitable once fees for checked bags started skyrocketing. Can’t blame passengers for trying to stuff carry-ons to save some bucks.

Now, somewhat encouraging news: Some airlines are going the extra mile and installing larger overhead bins. We’ll see if it makes any kind of difference.

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