Goodbye, Ben & Jerry. Hello, Biggest Loser Resort

OK, I know I’ve whined about my weight before. Tried to do it on my own. Then turned to Weight Watchers online.

It’s certainly not a bad plan. Just ask Jennifer Hudson.

But I got tired of logging every spinach leaf and spoonful of cinnamon on the computer. So I stopped. And so did the eating plan.

Truth is, I’ve yet to shed most of the 14 pounds or so (who’s counting; I’m not) I gained on my RTW trip last year. Yeah, I know.

Eye surgery, which meant restricted movement for weeks. Working from home on my computer, where I could eat at will. Winter. Holidays. Groundhog Day. The dachshund ate my resolve. You know the litany of excuses for growing lax.

So I checked myself in to The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, where I know they don’t tolerate no excuses. Drop ’em, and give me two!

Not the place where the show is done; a nearby resort affiliated with the show, where the same general philosophy is served up, but at your own pace.

There are no cash prizes here. The reward is jump-starting that lifestyle that I know how to do, but haven’t been doing.

I can sure use the encouragement, but I’ll be going at my own pace. I’m not out to see how much weight I can lose in a week. I’m merely interested in starting to do the right thing again.

Going just in time for the official beginning of spring in two weeks. Hoping to get a handle on those love handles in time for summer.

Since I just told you, guess I have to follow through with this. Right?

Stay tuned …

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1 Response to Goodbye, Ben & Jerry. Hello, Biggest Loser Resort

  1. bb says:

    best wishes- I need the same thing!!!!!

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