Bite this, Philly cheesesteak fanatics

Just like I crave a good corned beef on rye every once in a while, the same holds true for me and Philly cheesesteaks. Except this beauty wasn’t in Philly; it was in — of all places — Somerset, PA, on the way to the Flight 93 memorial.

It’s called a Pittsburgh Beef-n-Blue: Grilled steak and mushrooms smothered in bleu cheese dressing and sweet onion relish. (And Heinz Ketchup, because I put Heinz Ketchup on everything when I’m being bad.) No, it’s not from Pittsburgh, even though Pittsburgh isn’t all that far away. It’s an original.

After I inhaled it, along with all those luscious chips, I found out the chips are fried in lard. My idea of a good time.

Only at Crazy Alice’s Cafe in Uptown Somerset. Not to be confused with Downtown. Last I looked, their website was under construction. But here’s their Facebook page. They deliver, in case you’re interested.

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