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70 years after Hiroshima, ‘secret’ survivor in unlikely place

Apparently there’s a survivor of the world’s first atomic attack — the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, living in, of all places, Washington, DC. It withstood the U.S. attack that led to the end of World War II 70 years ago. … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Bridge on the River Kwai

Before my journey aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express ended in Bangkok, we stopped on the real bridge on the “Kwai” river in Thailand. If you’ve seen the famous British movie, you have a general idea of what went on … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: Happy Memorial Day

What says summer more than ice cream and baseball? Ginger the Spoiled kicks off the season by indulging in both. And a salute to my late, beloved dad, a World War II vet.  Along with those who served before and … Continue reading

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Now’s the time to plan that trip to Alaska

I’d always been interested in seeing Alaska. Not because of Sarah Palin. Because of my late dad. He was stationed there during World War II. I think he was up in Nome, which really did look intriguingly close to Russia … Continue reading

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Behind the Iron Curtain, Vol. 2: Berlin Wall

Imagine waking up one morning and finding you can’t get to work. In fact, you can’t go anywhere you used to. Cut off from relatives and friends. No escape, unless you’re willing to risk your life. That’s what happened in … Continue reading

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Czech Republic: A ‘nice’ concentration camp’s hidden horrors

When I knew we were going to Prague last year, I wanted to make time to visit a place I read about as a youngster. It was one of the things that stayed with me from age 12, when I … Continue reading

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