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Some reservations about list of world’s top airlines

It’s out. The list of the world’s top airlines. If you care. Most of us really don’t — most of us flying coach, that is. We’re flying to get somewhere, not for the ambiance or cuisine. We don’t expect much, … Continue reading

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Darwin, Australia: Insects for dinner, and beer-can boats

You might have seen it in the news. President Obama wants to dispatch 2,500 U.S. troops to Australia to shore up our military presence in the region. Whether you agree or not is beside the point, since Planet Lippstone is … Continue reading

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No greater high than climbing a glacier in New Zealand …

… unless it’s going on a spaceship somewhere. Haven’t done that yet, but wouldn’t mind … Even though this particular adventure was more than 20 years ago, it ranks right up there in terms of physical achievement. At least for … Continue reading

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