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Weird hotels? Generally not my cup of tea

I don’t usually go for best and worst lists in general, especially when it comes to hotels. My feeling is, go for lodging that complements the location. Meaning, not sure I’d go somewhere just to stay in a place, unless … Continue reading

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Getting your workout in at the airport

I never really thought about exercising at the airport because the act of traveling always seemed to be exercise enough. All that futzing with baggage in security. And schlepping to the gate. In the name of making my airport sprints … Continue reading

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Azores, Portugal: A ‘truck stop’ for centuries

Ever heard of Angra do Heroismo? If you’d lived in the 15th century and hung out with the likes of Vasco da Gama and other explorers and seafarers who were, as it were, on the road a lot, you might … Continue reading

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