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Why can’t all airports be like this? Sigh.

It was the perfect airport moment, short of having the Beach Boys singing God Only Knows while greeting your peeps like they did in Love Actually. (Yeah, I like a shot of sickeningly sweet every now and then. And I’m … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: She’s the boss

Kind of a rough week here at Planet Lippstone. More on that in a bit. Meantime, meet Nina. We literally ran into her on the street in Lisbon, Portugal, Christmas Day 2011. It was hard not to. She was leading … Continue reading

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A not-so-little scrape with our European rental car

OK, now that I’m back from the Azores, it can be told: Instead of enjoying myself, this is how I spent part of my precious last day there. At a Mazda body shop. You shouldn’t know from it. I never … Continue reading

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Azores, Portugal: What a bunch of bull shirts

I don’t like bullfighting. That’s why I have no business eating anything with a face. Or sporting anything with leather. I try to stick to fish, and can’t go without chicken because I don’t have the vegetarian gene and always … Continue reading

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Lisbon, Portugal: My kind of New Year’s Eve

 Made it back to Lisbon. Checked into the Hotel Aviz this time. Where the guest roster’s included Frank Sinatra, Eva Peron — and us. But we had to run a marathon to get there. Meaning our taxi driver could only … Continue reading

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Azores, Portugal: Pot roast I wish grandma could have made

Yep, back to my Nanny Brown because she’s a main ingredient in any Jewish food story. Don’t get me wrong. Her brisket was the best meat I’d tasted. Until a few days ago. That’s when we took a drive to … Continue reading

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Azores, Portugal: A ‘truck stop’ for centuries

Ever heard of Angra do Heroismo? If you’d lived in the 15th century and hung out with the likes of Vasco da Gama and other explorers and seafarers who were, as it were, on the road a lot, you might … Continue reading

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