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Eats: Philly, home of one of world’s best desserts

You’ve just gotta trust me on this. Because I know dessert. Especially the frozen kind. I’ve been taste-testing ice cream and sorbet ever since I was old enough to buy something from the Good Humor man. I’ve had encounters with┬áBen … Continue reading

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Nothing like Independence Day in Philadelphia

Had been in and out of Philly for years, but never did the Independence Day thing. Until this year. Mural near Independence Hall. Nearby Christ Church Cemetery … … where Ben Franklin is buried. Dinner at Mercato, old-world Italian with … Continue reading

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Eats: Gnarly food trucks of my college days now hot, hot, hot

Have to say for the longest time, I avoided anything from a food truck like the plague. Because I was always afraid of getting the plague. This prejudice began when I was a journalism student at Temple University in Philadelphia. … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m too young for this. Right?

Deep breath. OK, this falls under the category of it could be a heck of a lot worse. And it means I’m less than perfect. And getting older. Gee, how’d that happen? If Paula Deen can dish about her health … Continue reading

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View’s the best thing on menu at this Philly landmark

You don’t have to run up the steps of the art museum like Rocky to enjoy one of the best views in Philadelphia. Well, you can if you want. But then, come on down to street level, go ’round the … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes: ‘Witness’

Once upon a time, I worked with Harrison Ford’s future daughter-in-law at a TV station on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. Now I’m boarding a tourist van to find out how Paramount made the box-office smash Witness, which cemented … Continue reading

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Huonville, Tasmania: Apple, Inc.

Nothing like a crisp fall day in Huonville, known for its great Tasmanian apples. With a friendly “fall guy”– one of the proprietors at a local apple museum. He happens to be from the Philadelphia area; married a Tassie girl. … Continue reading

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