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NYC: Neiman-Marcus, and such a deal!

So I pack light to stay over in New York for a photography course I’m taking. It’s June and schvitzy in Pennsylvania. A little overcast, but I still figure I don’t need an umbrella. When I emerge from the train … Continue reading

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NYC-Martha’s Vineyard ferry a no-hassle getaway

Everyone’s always doing 48 hours in such-and-such. Here’s one for ya: 42 hours in Martha’s Vineyard. Just enough for this first-timer to get enough of a taste to savor the full flavor of this special Massachusetts island. We were running … Continue reading

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Gourmet cupcakes from an ATM? Sweet …

When I was growing up at the Joisey Shore, there was a guy I looked forward to seeing every week: The Dugan’s Man. He didn’t whisper sweet nothings in my ear. He left sweet somethings for me to savor. And … Continue reading

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Sorry, can’t hear you. I’m back in 1971.

I was doing my work this morning, up to my eyeballs in Perry, Cain and Paterno. Staring out the window at a drizzly fall day. Looked like the Indian summer of the past few days had vanished for good. The … Continue reading

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RTW: The journey begins

The longest journey around the world begins with a train ride from my home in Lancaster, PA, to New York, where I’ll be taking off on the first leg to Cape Town, South Africa. The Lancaster station is old and … Continue reading

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