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NYC-Martha’s Vineyard ferry a no-hassle getaway

Everyone’s always doing 48 hours in such-and-such. Here’s one for ya: 42 hours in Martha’s Vineyard. Just enough for this first-timer to get enough of a taste to savor the full flavor of this special Massachusetts island. We were running … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: ‘Joisey Shaw’

No, this isn’t about me discovering Jersey Shore. I know I’m way late to that party. And that’s fine with me. I never wanted an invite anyway. Besides, I like remembering my own version. Growing up in my section of … Continue reading

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Back home, Whitney Houston’s roots definitely showing

Like so many other baby boomers, the soundtrack to my life includes large helpings of Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. But it wasn’t until this week that I learned Whitney was from music royalty. She and Dionne were … Continue reading

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In Whitney’s hometown to say goodbye

That’s me in Newark, NJ, Whitney Houston’s hometown. She’s back home for good now; and this forgotten town that shaped her is now on the map in a big way. The emotional send-off, coming up.

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Let’s Paws: Boneland Security

“Princess” waiting for that doggone security to end so the royal treatment can resume. Newark Liberty International Airport, Christmas Eve, 2011

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Behind the scenes: ‘Sopranos’ finale

Everyone on The Sopranos has long since moved on to other projects (Nurse Jackie and Entourage, which also bit the dust tonight.) But fans still swarm the place where Tony Soprano bought the onion rings and then the farm. Including … Continue reading

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Rating Tony Soprano’s last meal

I’m sure someone somewhere is still arguing over whether Tony Soprano was offed in the final moments of The Sopranos. (Of course he was.) But of more importance, how were those onion rings anyway?  My review of the landmark where … Continue reading

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