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Life, death and voodoo in New Orleans

In New Orleans — where due to a peculiar cultural stew — they live a little differently than everyone else, they also spend eternity differently. You can’t help but notice the cemeteries, a maze of crypts and mausoleums — more works of art … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: HBO’s ‘Treme’

The complete HBO series Treme’  is now out on Blu-ray if you’re interested. Maybe you’re not a fan of this show about New Orleans, and sadly enough, you really wanted to be. Because you, like so many others, were so hooked on its predecessor, … Continue reading

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How just one visit to New Orleans made a Saints’ fan out of me

So there we were, Mitch and I, tootling down the street in New Orleans, basking in the steamy December weather (compared to what we were used to!) when we were surrounded. Or should I say outnumbered. By creatures all sporting … Continue reading

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Call me a horse’s behind, but I agree with NYC attraction ban

What’s New York City without knishes, the Brooklyn Bridge, and those horse-drawn carriages around Central Park? If you’ve always daydreamed about taking one of those romantic carriage rides, a la Carrie Bradshaw (she once compared herself to one of the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Planet Lippstone

Happy 2014 from Party Central — New Orleans. My third trip in a month. I say this out of wonder and gratitude that I’ve been able to experience so much. Thanks for following my adventures. Lots more coming your way … Continue reading

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