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Let’s Paws Again: 14 legs, with lots of spring

You can tell spring is around the corner when you finally start seeing life again on every corner. Of the two- and four-legged kind. Togetherness, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 3.13.15.

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Right out of the movie ‘Witness’

The scene the other day, when I was waiting for an Amtrak train from Lancaster, Pa., to NYC. A vignette more suited to the 1985 movie Witness than Reality, 2013. In reality, the rest of the crowd was like any … Continue reading

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Why travel, when the same food’s better at home?

A while back, I announced I was going to be conducting a taste test of one of my favorite comfort foods: pho. That great Vietnamese soup just like my dearly departed Jewish grandma used to make. Well, not quite. But … Continue reading

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PL in Philly Inquirer with scoop on Jewish deli in Amish country

Whaddya get when ya cross a Jewish guy once known as the “Martini Czar” with a born-again evangelical Christian? No, this isn’t a bad Jewish joke or a reality show, though it could be the latter. It’s the unlikely partnership … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: Happy Valentine’s Day

Ginger, our dachshund, getting ready to make very short work of these girly-girl cookie lips I got her as a Valentine’s treat. They were demolished before I could get in another shot. Tell ’em, Gin: Girls just wanna have fun. … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: A seeing-eye dog of a different kind

Let’s face it, when you think sidesplitting fun, you’re not thinking that annual eye exam at the optometrist’s. I mean, my optometrist is very nice, but he’s a pretty serious guy. It’s part of his job description. So imagine my … Continue reading

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