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Does this hotel offer offend you?

Wanna know what you think about this. Being a woman and all, this promo for a Mexican hotel hawking a special section for females only definitely got my attention. Mind you, I never think about my gender unless I’m headed … Continue reading

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Weird hotels? Generally not my cup of tea

I don’t usually go for best and worst lists in general, especially when it comes to hotels. My feeling is, go for lodging that complements the location. Meaning, not sure I’d go somewhere just to stay in a place, unless … Continue reading

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For all you ’50 Shades of Grey’ fans

It had to happen. Hotels getting in on the 50 Shades of Grey craze. I haven’t read the book. After having looked at snippets on Amazon, it’s really a turnoff. Not that I’m a prude; far from it. It’s the … Continue reading

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Quirky Paris hospital hotel just what the doctor ordered

The last thing you want while running around Paris is to have to check into a hospital. But there’s one that may be worth checking out because it’s home to a quirky hotel in a drop-dead location that won’t cost … Continue reading

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Travel Trends: Google flight search; Divorce Hotel

The skies just got more crowded with Google now in the airfare price business. Google Flight Search just took off this week with a lot of fanfare. But it barely made it off the runway. Destinations are confined to the … Continue reading

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