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Food: The (rare) day chocolate let me down

So there I was, in between flights in Chicago recently. Tired, hungry, scouting for food. Then this goodie winked at me. Said: So what if I’m the last thing you should be having for brunch? So what if I cost … Continue reading

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Travel moment: What’s that doing there, at O’Hare?

So there I was at Chicago’s O’Hare recently, when I ran into this guy. Funny that this very tall dinosaur replica happened to be posing right next to a United Airlines ad touting roomier planes (I’ve circled the United ad … Continue reading

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Me and my carry-on: bedraggled but great as RTW trip ends

In the olden days (as in, when I was a kid), the end of an American space mission would be marked by a splashdown.  The spacecraft would parachute into the ocean and the astronauts would emerge, looking dazed but thrilled … Continue reading

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