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Who pays when a flight delay is an ‘Act of God’?

Things were going too well. Except for a tight flight connection in London that got the old heart racing, a recent trip to Italy and Greece was perfect. (More on that later.) It ended with a great couple of days … Continue reading

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How to breeze through airport security

Have you had it with the airport security sprint? You know, where you have to factor in extra time at the airport and then become a wreck, juggling driver’s license, boarding pass, jacket, belt, shoes, a baggie stuffed with liquids … Continue reading

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Airport security: Royal treatment lovely while it lasted

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been allowed to breeze through airport security. No literally bending over backward to futz with shoes, jackets and laptop computers. Or losing driver’s licenses — which actually happened to me once when I wasn’t … Continue reading

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TSA finds ‘Cupcakegate’ hard to swallow

Planning on bringing treats — homemade or otherwise — through airport security? The TSA may have something to say about it, depending on how it’s packaged. This incident was dubbed Cupcakegate. I’ve transported Yodels and Ring Dings care packages to … Continue reading

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