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12 reasons to love Seattle (besides the Seahawks)

Think Seattle and you think: Seahawks. Space Needle. Microsoft. Awful weather. Done. That’s what I thought. Then I discovered the Pacific Northwest’s “Emerald City” has loads of sparkle. Just back from visiting and entertaining the idea of buying a little … Continue reading

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Amish rite of spring is plain dirty

Punxsutawney Phil may be a cute guy, but let’s face it — he’s not exactly Al Roker when it comes to spring predictions. (I worked with Al many weather forecasts ago. Lots of fun.) I like the odds better in … Continue reading

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Life, death and voodoo in New Orleans

In New Orleans — where due to a peculiar cultural stew — they live a little differently than everyone else, they also spend eternity differently. You can’t help but notice the cemeteries, a maze of crypts and mausoleums — more works of art … Continue reading

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Sochi, Russia: The real place behind the Olympics glitz

Sochi. It’s suddenly become a household word. Who outside of Russia had ever heard of this place before all the Winter Olympics hype — both good and bad (very real security concerns and assorted other controversies)? I confess: Not me. Sochi is on … Continue reading

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Miami: A farm where Woodstock meets Crate and Barrel

It’s an urban oasis that very easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there. And who would? This cracked gem in a tarnished setting in Miami is overshadowed by glittery neighborhoods like South Beach, Coconut Grove and Aventura. Where everyone … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Planet Lippstone

Happy 2014 from Party Central — New Orleans. My third trip in a month. I say this out of wonder and gratitude that I’ve been able to experience so much. Thanks for following my adventures. Lots more coming your way … Continue reading

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Morocco’s deep Jewish roots: Who knew?

As mentioned, my knowledge of Morocco before visiting consisted of a few scenes from Casablanca — a pretend location. In other words, nothing. So it’s no surprise that I had no idea that this Islamic country also has deep Jewish … Continue reading

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You, too, can stay on a houseboat in Paris

With apologies to Andy Samberg, I’m on a boat. A houseboat, in fact, in the middle of the Seine River in Paris. Here’s the view of the National Assembly and the Eiffel Tower from the deck. No kidding. Another view from … Continue reading

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Morocco: Have these awesome Roman ruins all to yourself

Not far from Fes is a place that’s even older. So what could be more ancient than a city that’s more than 1,000 years old? A once-mighty town that dates back well before Christ, to the Roman Empire: Volubilis. Gorgeous — … Continue reading

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Morocco: Some secrets about Moroccan oil

So I brought my Moroccan oil for my crazy hair to Morocco with me. I don’t travel anywhere without it because every day is a potentially bad hair day.   Looks pretty cool in my cool bathroom in Fes, no? … Continue reading

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