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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas season, in Ireland

Feel like a turkey doing the same thing every Thanksgiving? Here’s some food for thought: Go elsewhere next year. For a radical change of pace, we left the country. For about twice as much as it would cost to fly … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be George Clooney to marry in Venice

It doesn’t hurt, though, especially since it looks pretty steep, even if you’re not going for the movie-star treatment. Funny, when I think of dreamy places to tie the knot, Venice, Italy, doesn’t spring to mind. I guess I’m way … Continue reading

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Sochi, Russia: The real place behind the Olympics glitz

Sochi. It’s suddenly become a household word. Who outside of Russia had ever heard of this place before all the Winter Olympics hype — both good and bad (very real security concerns and assorted other controversies)? I confess: Not me. Sochi is on … Continue reading

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You, too, can stay on a houseboat in Paris

With apologies to Andy Samberg, I’m on a boat. A houseboat, in fact, in the middle of the Seine River in Paris. Here’s the view of the National Assembly and the Eiffel Tower from the deck. No kidding. Another view from … Continue reading

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Why Iceland food’s not so hot

For me, half the fun of going to a new country is trying out the food. With every place quickly becoming like every other place,  it’s sometimes the only way you know you’re in another country. Besides the language, of … Continue reading

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Blue Lagoon: Tourist trap for those who hate tourist traps

Where I’m from, there’s a Starbucks on every corner.  In Iceland, there’s a geothermal pool around every corner. Geothermal pools are water heated by energy from the earth. Like being around a pot of simmering water all the time. That … Continue reading

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Many reasons to visit Iceland — even in winter

If you’re pondering where to vacation this year, here’s another destination for your list. Iceland. Seriously. And I say that after having been there in the dead of winter. As 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon might ask, Why would I want … Continue reading

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