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Travel essentials: Shots and visas

No, this isn’t the storyline behind a new credit card commercial in a cocktail bar. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m working on a few getaways in the next few months, domestic and foreign. One around Labor Day: Martha’s Vineyard by ferry; … Continue reading

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Getting your workout in at the airport

I never really thought about exercising at the airport because the act of traveling always seemed to be exercise enough. All that futzing with baggage in security. And schlepping to the gate. In the name of making my airport sprints … Continue reading

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Why can’t all airports be like this? Sigh.

It was the perfect airport moment, short of having the Beach Boys singing God Only Knows while greeting your peeps like they did in Love Actually. (Yeah, I like a shot of sickeningly sweet every now and then. And I’m … Continue reading

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Unexpected cost of some frequent flier miles

Did you get frequent flier miles for opening a checking or savings account? It may cost you. Here’s why.

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Travel suggestions: Off the beaten path

I’m going to be out of commission for a couple days. Having minor eye surgery. Meanwhile, here are some great travel suggestions if you’d like to try something new and different this year. Courtesy the intrepid Joe Yogerst, a former … Continue reading

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TSA finds ‘Cupcakegate’ hard to swallow

Planning on bringing treats — homemade or otherwise — through airport security? The TSA may have something to say about it, depending on how it’s packaged. This incident was dubbed Cupcakegate. I’ve transported Yodels and Ring Dings care packages to … Continue reading

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A not-so-little scrape with our European rental car

OK, now that I’m back from the Azores, it can be told: Instead of enjoying myself, this is how I spent part of my precious last day there. At a Mazda body shop. You shouldn’t know from it. I never … Continue reading

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Azores, Portugal: A ‘truck stop’ for centuries

Ever heard of Angra do Heroismo? If you’d lived in the 15th century and hung out with the likes of Vasco da Gama and other explorers and seafarers who were, as it were, on the road a lot, you might … Continue reading

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Quebec City, Canada: Drive to Europe!

The holidays are always special, but even more so for me. It’s been a tradition for Mitch and me to take a vacation at the end of the year. We’re not exactly high-rollers the rest of the time. Travel is … Continue reading

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Behind the Iron Curtain, Vol. 2: Berlin Wall

Imagine waking up one morning and finding you can’t get to work. In fact, you can’t go anywhere you used to. Cut off from relatives and friends. No escape, unless you’re willing to risk your life. That’s what happened in … Continue reading

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