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‘The Artist’: Go for the dog, stay for the movie

I used to love nothing more than to lose myself at the movies. But there hasn’t been much worth justifying the drive and the price, especially when you can watch at home. And no matter the venue, I’m usually disappointed. … Continue reading

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Penn State: The Movie

In case you think I’m being insensitive about the horrifying allegations enveloping Penn State, I’m not. I’m being realistic. With a partner who graduated from what’s now the university’s law school, I’m even more saddened. Especially because an otherwise decent … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes: ‘Witness’

Once upon a time, I worked with Harrison Ford’s future daughter-in-law at a TV station on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. Now I’m boarding a tourist van to find out how Paramount made the box-office smash Witness, which cemented … Continue reading

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Amish & The City Girl

Ya know, I get so tired of people like my Nu Yawk Jewish uncle, the King of Queens, asking me if I live with the AY-mish. Like him, I didn’t know from farms — last one I visited was in … Continue reading

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Nobody puts Baby in a sequel. Uh, yes they do …

I’d hoped I read wrong when I saw this headline today. But it really came as no surprise, given America’s love affair with DWTS. And Hollywood’s general lack of imagination and interest in coming up with anything new. Heaven forbid. … Continue reading

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I don’t get Owen Wilson

I’ve been wanting to comment about this for weeks, but was always on the go with my round-the-world trip. Now that I’ve landed, I can focus. While in San Diego, I saw Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. I’d heard murmurs … Continue reading

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Colin Firth not the only king in ‘King’s Speech’

I don’t normally tune in to the Academy Awards, but did this year because I had more than a passing interest in The King’s Speech. Besides, nothing else was on. Like Bridget Jones’s Diary author Helen Fielding (and tons of others), I’d had … Continue reading

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