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No greater high than climbing a glacier in New Zealand …

… unless it’s going on a spaceship somewhere. Haven’t done that yet, but wouldn’t mind … Even though this particular adventure was more than 20 years ago, it ranks right up there in terms of physical achievement. At least for … Continue reading

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Shrimp goes after the marlin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Taking some time to work on a project. Meanwhile, here’s a revised version of my adventures in Cabo San Lucas, when this shrimp decided to go marlin fishing years ago. First published in The Denver Post. Not a lot of … Continue reading

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Getting my game on for football season

If you’re like me, you have the same feeling of dread the start of every October.  Baseball playoffs signify the end of summer, really and truly. Time to get the ice scraper ready, and gird yourself for  months and months … Continue reading

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Making like a big wheel at NASCAR

What does somebody who unintentionally puts racing stripes on cars because she can’t parallel park (I was born without that gene) know from NASCAR? Not enough to fill even a little bit of a stock car gas tank. Listen to … Continue reading

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My day at the stock car races

What’s somebody who can’t even parallel park doing at Pocono Raceway? Training for the Dukes of Hazzard. My day at the races, coming up.

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San Diego: Learning to play an ancient sport — bocce

What do you get when you move a bowling alley outside? Bocce. I’ve lived in Philadelphia and New York, cities with large Italian-American populations. And in fact, I lived in Italy — spent a college semester there. But I never … Continue reading

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