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Rendezvous with mysterious guy on NYC trip

Can’t wait to meet this guy! We have a date to rendezvous at a NYC apartment when I’m there for my next photography class. The details: The apartment has a Neato (he is a smart house cleaning robot) on duty. If you … Continue reading

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NYC: Neiman-Marcus, and such a deal!

So I pack light to stay over in New York for a photography course I’m taking. It’s June and schvitzy in Pennsylvania. A little overcast, but I still figure I don’t need an umbrella. When I emerge from the train … Continue reading

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Why you should visit a part of France you’ve never heard of

Thinking about going to France this summer? Or hiking the Appalachian trail? How about both? It’s possible in a real piece of France you’ve probably never heard of. And if you live in North America, you don’t need to cross an … Continue reading

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Deadly derailment won’t keep me off Amtrak

Glad that Amtrak service is back on track between Philadelphia and New York. As it’s always been for me. I’ve been riding that route since before the guy who was at the controls during that deadly derailment in Philadelphia was born. It … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: Happy Mother’s Day, to me

Me and Ginger, my old girl baby dachshund, who’s approaching her 19th year. That would make her somewhere in the neighborhood of 85, at least. This is a common sight morning, noon and night, though Mitch selflessly takes over the night … Continue reading

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The Harding-Kerrigan scandal, and other wacky museum displays

If you’re into Olympic figure skating, you probably know about the blow that almost shattered a kneecap and the sport itself. It was more than 20 years ago. Someone went after figure skater Nancy Kerrigan’s knee with a club just … Continue reading

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Brussels: Is Belgian chocolate really worth the trip?

Computer problems on two continents here at Planet Lippstone. A story for another day. Meanwhile, it was the most indulgent reason I knew for going to Brussels: I was tired of mediocre chocolate. Spring had finally sprung; Easter was approaching; … Continue reading

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Ghent, Belgium: What they sell in a castle gift shop

Everything that’s positively Medieval for your Little Crusader. Castle of the Counts, Ghent, Belgium. 4.10.15 (Been a hectic week in Brussels. Doing regular news job in between all the running around, which included this day trip to Ghent, Belgium, a … Continue reading

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Eats: Memorable Easter Dinner in Brussels

Just back from a memorable Easter dinner in the Matonge (African) section of Brussels, a few blocks from where I’m staying. Place was absolutely packed. I was parked near a family with a child who insisted on putting her toy … Continue reading

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Big challenge: Tons of chocolate without big weight gain

My quest to lose a few pounds before I headed for Belgium and some heavy-duty chocolate taste-testing didn’t go very well. I blame it on all Easter and Passover goodies floating around. I’m a victim, really. So as I head … Continue reading

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