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70 years after Hiroshima, ‘secret’ survivor in unlikely place

Apparently there’s a survivor of the world’s first atomic attack — the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, living in, of all places, Washington, DC. It withstood the U.S. attack that led to the end of World War II 70 years ago. … Continue reading

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What you’re really looking at when you’re at the beach

As a kid growing up at the Jersey Shore, I always wondered where the ocean led. I’ve spent a lifetime of traveling finding out. Here’s a neat cheat sheet to ponder while you’re at the beach. (Lake beaches don’t count, … Continue reading

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Let’s Paws: Jimmy Kimmel and lion, 1; the dentist, 0

Jimmy Kimmel takes perfect aim at that Minnesota dentist who admits to slaughtering what turned out to be a famed lion in Africa. Even if that lion were a “nobody”, why? When I was in Kenya on safari, I saw lions … Continue reading

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Why I love the NYC subway

I had a friend who’d lived in Manhattan since Ronald Reagan was president. She had a big job in TV and considered herself the ultimate New Yorker. Given that she’d been there so long, who would argue? I would. As far … Continue reading

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Some reservations about list of world’s top airlines

It’s out. The list of the world’s top airlines. If you care. Most of us really don’t — most of us flying coach, that is. We’re flying to get somewhere, not for the ambiance or cuisine. We don’t expect much, … Continue reading

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Brussels: Not just a bunch of boring buildings

With my own personal Chocolatefest in Brussels out of the way, I set my sights on more substantive fare — the rest of the city. Including a trek to the European Parliament in Brussels, tasked with looking after the affairs of … Continue reading

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New York: Best place to see July 4 fireworks

July 4th fireworks over One World Trade Center, the replacement for the original World Trade Center decimated in the 9/11 attacks. This is the view from a roof in Brooklyn Heights, just across the East River. An ideal place for … Continue reading

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Eats: The best cupcakes in the world

It’s been a worldwide quest: trying to find the cupcakes of my youth. My search for this Holy Grail (see here, where it first started) has taken me from New York’s Lower East Side to the Upper West Side. From … Continue reading

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New York: A new appreciation for the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge has been my favorite mode of transportation for a very long time. Here’s why I love it so much. Only bad thing about doing that when you’re in a hurry is that you don’t have … Continue reading

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Why I love New York: Reason Number 6,432

New York. It’s all about … The Nosh. The Drama. The Tidal Wave of Humanity.

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