The Lost — and Found — Jews of Crete

My latest in Tablet magazine: A synagogue on the Greek isle of Crete, struggling to survive with no Jewish community. The Jews were wiped out in the Holocaust.


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2 Responses to The Lost — and Found — Jews of Crete

  1. Constantine G. Antipas says:

    I enjoyed the article on the Chania synagogue. One note: the surname Stavroulakis is ultimately derived from the Greek word for cross, stavros, but derivations like that are analogous to those of other surnames and given names. In this case, some ancestor was named Stavros, and either a son was named Stavroulis (little Stavros or Stavros Jr), or Stavros himself was nicknamed “little Stavros”. A descendant of Stavroulis could then carry the appellation Stavroulakis (-akis being distinctively Cretan).

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