Weekend Journey: Last of New England Foliage, by Train

Packing my Vera Bradley carry-on for a new Amtrak adventure. Going from Lancaster, Pennsylvania,  to Portland, Maine, on the Downeaster, something I’ve been interested in doing for awhile.

It’s probably as expensive as flying and about the same amount of time as driving — just under eight hours. But I can spend the time leisurely gazing at the last fall foliage instead of the road.

I’m breaking up the trip with an overnight in Boston and taking the Maine train from there.

In Maine, I’ll be partaking of much seafood and dropping in on a former TV colleague who has a whole new life. She went from a high-powered L.A. newsroom  to a high-energy job as a Presbyterian pastor and hospice chaplain in New England.

She’s graciously allowing me to tag along for a bit. Can’t wait.


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