Some reservations about list of world’s top airlines

It’s out. The list of the world’s top airlines. If you care.

Most of us really don’t — most of us flying coach, that is. We’re flying to get somewhere, not for the ambiance or cuisine. We don’t expect much, and usually just keep our fingers crossed that whatever we get for a meal is vaguely like food.

Unfortunately, rotten fare and being hemmed in generally come with the territory in economy, so if an airline tries to make things a bit more pleasant, you notice.

As far as this list goes, flying business on some American airlines is hardly worth the money and actually worse than flying coach on EmiratesQatar and Turkish. Here’s my experience with Emirates. And Qatar. Oh, and Cathay Pacific is pretty great, too.

Fairly decent food and entertainment, and at the very least, eyeshades and socks. U.S. airlines used to hand out some goodies on longer flights, but now you’re lucky to get a blanket and pillow.

A bit surprised Garuda International, Indonesia’s airline, made the cut. Unless it’s gotten much better. I remember flying it from Hong Kong to Indonesia at the beginning of a cyclone when all the other airlines were grounded. I was in too much of a hurry to worry.

Then there was the time a Garuda jet started to land at the wrong airport in Australia with a runway that was too short. Oops. Guess they’ve figured things out by now.

As for Australia, Qantas (aka Flying Kangaroo) is OK.

They try to make those especially long-haul flights linking the homeland to the rest of the world as palatable as possible with lots of food and drink. But the food’s pretty mundane and it’s tough to eat when the person in front of you is almost in your lap along with the Foster’s.

Who’s on your best and worst lists?

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