Let’s Paws: Happy Mother’s Day, to me

ginger and me 2Me and Ginger, my old girl baby dachshund, who’s approaching her 19th year. That would make her somewhere in the neighborhood of 85, at least.

This is a common sight morning, noon and night, though Mitch selflessly takes over the night shift. It’s much more expedient to carry her outside to do her stuff.

I may be mom, but make no mistake, Ginger is the wise one.

Among many other things, she’s taught me the joys of:

White Castle sliders for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Lebanon bologna (never encountered this radioactive-smelling slop before moving to the central part of PA), which she thinks is as lip-smackin’ good as filet mignon. Only for you, Ginger, would I get anywhere near the stuff.

— Grazing and rolling around in the grass.

— Generally being puppefied — as in, reverting back to being a 3-year-old, if only for a few moments.

Every day she’s with us is a blessing. So glad I’m your mom, precious girl.

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