Let’s Paws: The Dachshund and the Easter Bunny

My honeybunny dachshund Ginger may be going on 85 (here’s a convoluted formula that made my head ache; she’s almost 18 in dog years), but she’s still a pup at heart. Especially when it comes to kid stuff like the Easter Bunny.

ginger bunny:1

I got her this Easter Bunny cookie. She went right for the kill.

gingerbunny:2Round 1: Since she’s barely got any teeth, she only managed to grab a little icing off the tail. Really, a goldfish has a mightier bite.

gingerbunny:3Round 2: Trying, trying, trying to get a grip. Much panting by my sweet girl. No luck.

gingerbunny:4Easter Bunny, 2; Ginger, 0. I resort to breaking it up for her, but she’s giving up for now. Maybe more of the frosting later. Believe me, Gin, I know. It’s no fun getting old.


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