Let’s Paws: Sidetracked on way to ‘House of Cards’ casting call

dog and house of cardsA dilemma as I made my way to a House of Cards casting call for extras last year.

I met this guy just as I was trying to decide if I really wanted to stand on line all day in Bel Air, Md., in the same general neighborhood where much of the show is shot.

It was tempting to hang with him instead, have a leisurely lunch, and call it a nice summer day. And not waste an entire afternoon I’d never get back.

Sure, I’m glad I did the casting call for the experience. Even though this gentleman was clearly much nicer than that dastardly Francis Underwood. Yeah! Take that, ya meanie!

Having binge-watched season 3 like everyone else, I’m even more proud to say I got this close. Granted, the season got off to a slow start with a ridiculous storyline at times. But things got good again by the end, IMO.

Can’t wait for season 4. But I’ll let someone else stand in line this time.

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