Only three weeks late with that new year’s resolution

hbgh scale

So it’s been a month of traveling and eating. (No new year’s resolution for me; I never keep them.) Lots of walking, but not enough to offset the tidal wave of calories.

I was passing through my local airport and thought I’d better get a reality check on this old-fashioned scale.  For me, this is weigh too much. No, that stint at The Biggest Loser Resort didn’t last. Surprise. I’ve joined Weight Watchers online and now have to record everything I consume. Only way I’ve found to keep myself accountable these days.

About that old-fashioned scale. It fits right in to with the airport, which is in Harrisburg, Pa. In a part of the Keystone State called  the T — everything that’s not Philadelphia or Pittsburgh territory. James Carville once compared it to Alabama. About right.

MDT — as this airport is known in aviation parlance — boasts a Starbucks. But the sound system hearkens back to the debut of Mr. Coffee. A great place to sing along to Three Dog Night, and other red-hot groups. If this were the middle of the last century.

If you’re interested in visiting, Harrisburg is a gateway to Amish Country, and you’ll find the handicrafts mixed in with the Hershey chocolate — another big local name — at the souvenir shop …

hbgh quilthbghcivil2

… and the Gettysburg battlefield.

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