Bacteria on a plane. This is no movie.

Airplanes are full of germs. Now there’s a surprise. Pack scads of humans into a bus with wings, and what would you expect?

We already know airplane bathrooms are the worst. Do you wipe down the sink and counter as a “courtesy to the next passenger”, as the friendly signs often suggest? I don’t.

And by the end of a long flight, with overflowing trash receptacles and slimy sink, I can’t wait to get in and get out. I’m not about to start cleaning; let’s face it, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

But this story goes into a lot more specific detail about what could be lurking around your seat. A little MRSA with your inflight magazine? How about a dash of E. coli with the pretzels and that Coca-Cola Classic?

We also know how thorough the “cleaning” is between flights. When there are delays, as is often the case, who’s got time to really do anything?

I’ve been traveling longer than some airlines have been in business, and I’m happy to say I’ve never gotten sick from a flight.

I do realize the scary thing about germs now is that they’ve evolved to super-nasty status, and MRSA is fairly common and nothing to laugh about.

The risk on a plane, in my mind? About the same as everywhere else. Don’t lick the tray table or the armrest. Hose yourself down with body wash, if it’ll make you feel better. Keep your hands away from your face.

You could always wear gloves all the time. And not leave the house.

Seriously, as with everything else in life, use some common sense, try not to worry, and enjoy yourself.

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