Morocco: Some secrets about Moroccan oil

So I brought my Moroccan oil for my crazy hair to Morocco with me. I don’t travel anywhere without it because every day is a potentially bad hair day.

moroccan oil


morocco oil2Looks pretty cool in my cool bathroom in Fes, no? (The bottled water does not, but since the drinking water in the medina (old city) is suspect, it’s how we brushed our teeth. More details on that when I delve into the topic of food.)


At any rate, I was very pleased to hear that Moroccan oil does come from Morocco. The source: the argan tree, of which there are many. I found the kernels at this spice shop in Fes. They’re what look like outsized almonds at the bottom.

It’s also supposed to be good for the skin. And yet another type is good for cooking.

The bad news is — the Moroccan oil I use is apparently a rip-off with only a little bit of argan oil and a lot of silicone. True argan oil doesn’t have all that fake stuff.

I may change brands … after I finish the bottle.

Meanwhile, I’m packing it up for the trip home. Going back to the U.S. by way of Paris, where I’ll be staying on a houseboat.

Much more coming up.

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