Planet Lippstone does Branson, Missouri

lippstone does bransonOK, you might ask, what’s Nu Yawker Planet Lippstone doing in Branson, Missouri, that Vegas without sin?

Actually, having lots of fun.

BTW, that’s not some jacket I got at TJMaxx. It’s belong to this guy.  He’s Eric Presley, part of one of the first performing families of Branson.  Charming guy. Lent me the jacket off his back.

I’m here all week. Tell your friends.

Back home. Will return with all the fun details as soon as I get some pressing work out of the way.

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2 Responses to Planet Lippstone does Branson, Missouri

  1. Cindy Merry says:

    Just wondering what all you did the week you were here?

    • planetlippstone says:

      Thanks for reading, Cindy. I just returned home, and need to take care of some pressing writing projects before getting back to this blog.

      In short, it was a fun, eye-opening experience for a Nu Yawka. Lots of shows, a cave trek, historic train ride, unusual museum for those parts (Titanic) and waaay too much food. In other words, a great time.

      Details on the way. Thanks again for your interest.

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