(The one time) New York let me down

time warnerBusy week. Back from North Carolina in time to hop the train from Pennsyltucky to Nu Yawk for a special yoga class that really helps with osteoporosis. For people like moi.

Manhattan’s Columbus Circle, as seen from the second floor of the Time Warner Center on an early spring day.

Gotta say I’d never been to this mall before, and you’re looking at the best part right here: the view.

When all’s said and done, it’s just a mall, with not much more than  your average.

I went in search of a case for my new laptop. Figured some neat shop — or at least the Microsoft store — would have what I needed. If not, I could at least have the satisfaction of telling the Microsoft folk in person what I thought of their gawdawful software.

But they were too busy to listen to a rant that would have gone nowhere anyway. And there was nothing special anywhere. I left empty-handed, with advice to try Best Buy or Radio Shack ringing in my ears. How’s that for the ultimate shopping experience?

Frankly, I’ve seen better selection at some airports. (Bangkok, for instance.)

I will give a thumbs-up to the Whole Foods in the basement, just because it’s a Whole Foods. Again, not much different than any other. Just a lot more crowded, if you’re into fellow noshers practically sitting in your lap.

The truth about the Time Warner Center, as far as I’m concerned? It’s redundantly dull in a place like The Apple, which gets its sheen from all kinds of neighborhoods with all kinds of storefronts.

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