Why travel, when the same food’s better at home?

A while back, I announced I was going to be conducting a taste test of one of my favorite comfort foods: pho.

viet soup lemon

That great Vietnamese soup just like my dearly departed Jewish grandma used to make. Well, not quite. But a decent substitute.

viet restaurant insideAs I mentioned, I usually partake at this restaurant near home in Lancaster, Pa. I was going to see how this fabulously hearty version compared to the real thing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

saigon pho soupIt didn’t take long to find a pho place in the neighborhood where I was renting a room. It was right around the corner.


Nothing like pho for breakfast.

And the verdict? Surprisingly, the soup in the homeland was watery and blah.

clintonI even tried some at another place, where Bill Clinton stopped in. It wasn’t any better.

Sorry, Bill. Lancaster wins hands down. Just goes to show …

saigon homer simpsonRe: The headline — why travel? Because then I wouldn’t have gotten to see any of Vietnam. That’s the rest of the feast I’ll be talking about a little later on.

Planet Lippstone is headed for Iceland — with a new computer packed with Windows 8. (I know; what was I thinking).

See ya soon if conditions and computer cooperate. And have A Merry.

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2 Responses to Why travel, when the same food’s better at home?

  1. FVS says:

    well, what is the thing with Homer Simpson? I’m so curious 😀

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