Does this hotel offer offend you?

Wanna know what you think about this. Being a woman and all, this promo for a Mexican hotel hawking a special section for females only definitely got my attention.

Mind you, I never think about my gender unless I’m headed for the restroom. I clicked on the story because I was curious.

First it made me laugh because it struck me as pointless; and then got my back up a tad, and not because a yoga mat is part of the deal.

I’m all for niche audiences as long as they don’t pander. But what’s with this promo that offers gals yoga mats, minibars and delis? Don’t males also like those amenities? So I contact said hotel, the Riu Plaza in Guadalajara, to tell me what I’m missing.

I ask a nice woman there what makes this such a big attraction. For one, complimentary beauty products. Face creams. OK. But they’re not even designer names. Not exactly a day at Sephora.

The minibar has healthy, low-cal items. The first round, I’m told, is on the house. After that, there’s a charge. Er, again, don’t guys also care about health? Or would a guy room be outfitted with cigar bar, kegs, loaded pizza and instant access to all sports channels?

The biggest deal is that all the attendants are women. Please. If a massage is involved, I get it, though gender doesn’t matter to me as long as a masseuse is professional. But a cleaning person? Security guard? Who cares?

What I do care about is that one of these girlie rooms is around $30 extra a night. To me, that’s a lot for a standard hotel room with empty packaging. At that price, at least spray some estrogen and chocolate around.

As a human, here’s what I look for in a home away from home. (And if it’s a hotel, it better have some personality, because I tend to avoid hotel chains):

Inviting bed: The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore.

Cool surroundings: 1720 House, Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

A comfy robe and slippers that make your feet smile: Biltmore, Asheville, NC.

Some good reading material: Eastern & Oriental Express, Asia.

And a dog who’ll sleep with you: Florida House Inn, Fernandina Beach, FL.

I also wouldn’t say no to stretchy PJs with feety-guys and all-you-could-eat Ding Dongs (while they last).

Now that to me would be the perfect room. For anyone.


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1 Response to Does this hotel offer offend you?

  1. Donna Spohn says:

    I’m with you on the perfect room – Ding Dongs for all.

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