Let’s Paws: A Very Dachshund Thanksgiving

Wanted to take time on this Sunday before Turkey Day to stop with my Asia escapades for the moment and talk what I think are some cool Thanksgiving dishes. (Read on, vegetarians; there’s one for you.) Sending it out now in case you’re still putting your shopping list together.

Graphic: Rich Ransley

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving from Ginger The Great, my ancient dachshund. She was found on I-95 in North Carolina almost 16 years ago. Since the Tar Heel State was one of the original 13 colonies (and the state beverage is milk, which has nothing to do with anything), I think that qualifies her as a Pilgrim.

A little aside here about her new winter coat. It’s the first one she’s ever had, and I’m hoping against hope it’s not the last. She never needed one before, but she’s got a bad back and she really is getting up there. She thinks she’s tough and loves to sniff every blade of grass and nugget of rabbit poop and roll around like a puppy, but she does shake from the cold.

Found this great Thinsulate coat for some extra padding. It’s smart, practical stylish … OK, the truth is, it’s much nicer — and costs more — than mine. There. I said it.

A tip of Ginger’s Pilgrim hat to Noodle and Friends, the company behind this masterpiece. Warning to dog lovers, particularly dachshund fans: Don’t go to Noodle’s site if you have things to accomplish. You won’t.

See what I mean? Where was I? Oh, back to those Thanksgiving recipes.

One’s for stuffing, soul-food style. It comes with what I think is an interesting tale about how “garbage food” turned into “desirable cuisine.”

I’d like to try this recipe for Nanny’s Scalloped Oysters (scroll down.) You can be sure it wasn’t handed down from my Jewish nannies, who I’m sure would have wanted no part of such a delight. Their loss.

And the strawberry dessert tacked on at the bottom seems like a nice, light, refreshing alternative.

Ginger couldn’t care less about any of this. She just wants her fair share of turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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2 Responses to Let’s Paws: A Very Dachshund Thanksgiving

  1. Donna Spohn says:

    I love the coat, love the hat, love Ginger and most of all, love you!

    You are one talented writer, LJ.

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