Let’s Paws: Ginger, meet Sandy! Uh, no thanks.

Work commitments (heading out of town again) and some housekeeping interrupting things for moment here @ Planet Lippstone.

Thought I’d stop in quickly let you know how we’re doing here as Hurricane Sandy starts to make her entrance. We thankfully didn’t get slammed like the New York area. But it’s not pretty anyway.

Sandycam, 2.37 pm, 10.29.12.

This is what it looked like outside my office window at the start. There are power outages all around us.

Ginger would rather cuddle. I’m down with that. (Conveniently cropped to hide my Hurricane Sandy PJs — rated E, for eek!)

BTW, here’s our emergency cooler full of provisions, just in case. Wouldn’t want to be stranded without Hebrew National … (Trying to keep a sense of humor here.)

I’ll be back ASAP.

Update: Considering how the Superstorm Sandy drama is still unfolding in the Northeast, and will be for months to come, we’re so grateful. Lucky that we’re inland, and didn’t get the full-on (in some cases, deadly) collision like so many waterfront communities did in the Northeast.

Ginger doesn’t know how lucky she is.

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