Bangkok: But boss, I want to stay on de train

It’s over.

My magic carpet ride, so to speak, on the Eastern & Oriental Express train.

Started in Singapore, ended in Bangkok. Three days and two nights. (Are you keeping score? Because I’m losing track.)

Bangkok is where I’m at now, for a couple days.

And with a view like this from the bathroom in my rented condo on the 24th floor, what’s to complain about?

Nothing, nothing. Except … I got used to this. A servant — and a call button that actually encouraged obnoxiousness.

And someone to make my feet feel ohhh sooo good.

Afternoon tea.

And this …

And …

All that’s left is this designer E&O — that’s Eastern and Oriental Express for us in the know — bottled water I swiped from my cabin before I slunk off the train.

Waaaah. Gonna go soak my head in that bathtub with the gazillion baht (Thai currency) view.

All the details, including how I got to this point in this dream journey, as soon as I get some sleep and sort out my pixels. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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