Food: The (rare) day chocolate let me down

So there I was, in between flights in Chicago recently. Tired, hungry, scouting for food.

Then this goodie winked at me. Said: So what if I’m the last thing you should be having for brunch? So what if I cost almost as much as airport parking? Eat me.

Rear view was just as sexy. Seductive buzzwords like lineageToasted sourdough breadcrumbs in pure creamery butter drenched in signature milk chocolate.

Irresistible. Or so I thought.

Tasted no different than a plain ole Nestle Crunch bar. In fact, Nestle bars are better. This gussied-up number had no taste.

Duped by fancy marketing once again. Shame, because I thought I was being let in on a hip Midwest thing. More decent attributes: The Minneapolis company apparently was started by a friendly looking chef who followed his heart to became a chocolatier with his wife’s blessing and participation. Seemingly the best of intentions: All natural … sustainable cocoa  and packaging … socially responsible practices. Welcomes feedback.

I hate that this is my feedback.

BTW, if you disagree with me on this one, let me know. I’d love to think I just got a bad batch.

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